Neutral Space Relaxation® Training  

Lynda and Graham Whiteman
01243 649079
Chichester, Sussex PO20 7LX United Kingdom

About Neutral Space Relaxation® Training

Lyn and Graham Whiteman trained in Polarity Therapy 2003, creating the Relaxation Bodywork training in 2012.

Courses with Neutral Space Relaxation® can be a ‘stepping stone’ towards becoming a Polarity RPP, after the required hours of training as a ‘Relaxation Specialist’ has been achieved.

These courses can be for existing Practitioners in other modalities, or those new to energy work, bringing confidence, and consistency to the student’s practice, and are Approved by UKPTA and Accredited by TheRA, and IPHM.

The courses available, can be the precursor to an RPP RPT adding on, and running their own courses after the training, submitting their curriculum, thereby expressing their own creativity and becoming Facilitators, once verified and approved by the UKPTA. Creating awareness and furtherance of the work by Dr. Randolph Stone, DO, DC, ND (1890-1981).

Training is available on request in any area up to max of 10 students in UK, and by arrangement in other areas Internationally. Please contact Lyn or Graham.

Students & Practitioners in UK, Australia WA /NSW, Luxemburg, Denmark, and Malta

NSR has worked with HMPO, physio/Mindfulness, and wellbeing Professionals.

Other areas include talk therapies, Counsellor’s, Reflexologists, Massage Training Schools, Teachers, ex Nurses, and Retired Teachers.

Further information about any of the courses may be found on the website.