Julie Sinclair

Polarity Therapy Professional
Palm Springs, California 92264 United States

About Julie

What informs my work: I believe that all things are composed of energy in various states of density. This manifests in the human body as our thoughts, emotions, and physical body, and that the body, when given the chance, will always move toward self-healing. By consciously and respectfully holding a client's unique composite of energetic makeup in a sacred space, I invite a profound transformation of the person's entire being to occur. Each Polarity Therapy session aims to harmonize the whole — body, mind, and spirit — by balancing the various energy fields. What to expect during a session: After a discussion to set an intention for the session, the client lies on a massage table in loose, comfortable clothing. In addition to discovering where the body needs releasing at a physical level, I tune in to the underlying energy patterns and flow and encourage their balanced movement for the client's highest good and healing. I become a neutral observer of the energy and meet it exactly where it is, inviting it to gently shift/release as needed. Each Polarity Therapy session is unique because it adjusts to the exact needs of the client's energy at the time of the session -- whatever is showing up in the moment.